for Nimby Wars – The Politics of Land Use
“The old ways may have been good enough before, but they don’t work now.  Set aside conventional wisdom and embrace land use politics – the compelling approach these gifted consultants detail in this clearly written guidebook will give you the skill set you need to be a victor in land use battles.”

— Attorney, Dwight Merriam, Author of The Complete Guide to Zoning
“NIMBY wars and citizen engagement are here to stay.  Politics, rational and irrational, often dramatically impact local land use decisions.  This book outlines the strategies and details the tactics that are used by opponents and proponents of projects.  Illustrated with examples and real life situations, the book offers the opportunity to plan ahead and gain support for good projects before they are overtaken by fear mongering and opponents.”

— Maureen McAvey, Executive Vice President, Urban Land Institute
“The land use approval process is political.  Developers who disregard the neighbors and ignore the politics are doomed to fail.  NIMBY WARS brilliantly lays out the new reality and a way forward.”

— U.S. Congressman William Delahunt
“NIMBY WARS perfectly captures the aura and flavor of the highly charged zoning public hearing. This analysis of the politics, the theater, the motivations and the strategies for zoning matters is spot on. Opposition to development has become so pervasive, that a primer on the subject is valuable even to the most seasoned and experienced land use practitioner. NIMBYism will never go away.  In this book, we now have a road map for dealing with it.”

— Steve Elrod, Partner, Holland and Knight: Chairman, National Land Use Team
“Saint Consulting recognizes that all points of view need to be heard on important land use issues.  Their field organizers are highly effective and efficient as they reach out to engage concerned citizens in the local decision making process.  The result is a more informed resolution that benefits the community.”

–Jim Lanard, Managing Director, Deepwater Wind
“Small groups are getting smarter about keeping big projects at bay.  Thanks to Saint Consulting, corporations are wising up, too.”

Forbes Magazine, February 2009 issue

“In every community be it suburban, rural or urban citizens are rising up to oppose new development. Developers need to know how to work with residents and how to deal with local politics if they are going to succeed.  NIMBY WARS is essential reading for anyone trying to develop real estate today.”

— Governor Brereton Jones, Former Kentucky Governor and Chairman of the Kentucky Equine Education Project
“No matter which side of a NIMBY war you are on, this book will be invaluable.  It will give you a better understanding of the mindset of your opponents and a better knowledge of the tools to win in front of decision makers.”

— Mike Williams, Executive Director,  Tennessee Petroleum Council
“NIMBY WARS is a must read for anyone who wants to build something (controversial or not) anywhere, anytime, and actually succeed.”

— Frank Maisano, Principal, Bracewell & Giuliani
“NIMBY WARS is a must-read for anybody involved in the land use process. It gives dozens of real-life examples of battles waged on both sides of the development aisle from authors who have spent decades in the trenches of land use politics.”

–Donna J. Pugh, Foley & Lardner LLP