American Coal Council Reviews NIMBY Wars

The American Coal Council recently reviewed NIMBY Wars on their “CoalBlog”:

“The recently published book, NIMBY Wars: The Politics of Land Use, gives readers a detailed look into the dog-eat-dog, cut-throat, and highly politicized world of land use planning. A short and simple recap of the book goes something like … “preparation is indespensible” … there is no room for the faint-of-heart or the unprepared here, and in this world, pride will go before destruction. In fact, one mis-step can cost millions or get your project flat out rejected.

As the authors of NIMBY Wars – Michael Saint, Robert Flavell, and Patric Fox – clearly demonstrate, the local citizens, special interest groups, and competitive interests that now play a key role in land use planning and politics can make or break your development project.”

You can read the whole review here.

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Financial Times reviews NIMBY Wars

In an article entitled “The Dark Arts of Nimby Campaigns” from November 4th, 2009, the Financial Times reviewed NIMBY Wars, calling it “what amounts to an introductory promotional handbook to the dark arts of land use politics.”

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“The General” Calls NIMBY Wars a “must read”

“The General” is the nom de plume of Don Amador, the noted California-based OHV activist and land use consultant. He recently reviewed NIMBY Wars and said:

“NIMBY Wars is a must read for all who are involved in land use advocacy. Regardless of your station in the battle for recreational access to public lands, you will benefit from the insights of this book as it succinctly explains the complex world of land use politics and articulates strategies for success.”

You can see the full review – and see more of The General’s writings on OHV recreation, environmental and land-use issues, and host of other topics on his blog, here.

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Llenrock Group: “Pick up this book!”

David Jacobs of The Llenrock Group posted a review of Nimby Wars today in The Llenrock Blog:

“…I strongly encourage EVERY developer, and those peripherally involved or interested in the development process, to pick up this book…If you are in real estate, and there is one book you are going to read this year, I strongly suggest NIMBY Wars. With more and more development projects seeking public financing, the value of understanding the political elements of land use are all the more vital to your success.

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Pioneer Planning reviews NIMBY Wars — invaluable for any developer

Jeff Tyndall, a professional planner in the public sector for nine years, has just finished reading NIMBY Wars and posted a review on his blog, Pioneer Planning.

In Jeff’s own words: “I can say the book made me think differently about land use decisions, especially coming from my background as a public sector planner over the past 10 years.”

“The techniques and heads up knowledge explained in NIMBY Wars is invaluable for any developer, planner, or campaign manager making their first foray into the world of large scale development, redevelopment, or rezoning.”

“If a young campaign manager, planner, or public advocate is interested in the political warfare that is zoning and land use approvals this book is a must read.”

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